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Reducing Onshore Well Failures

Houston Texas

Reducing Onshore Well Failures: Advanced Chemical Management 2020

Addressing the US onshore operator’s most important production, operations and chemical-related challenges, the Reducing Onshore Well Failures: Advanced Chemical Management 2020 will focus on metrics that matter the most right now – failure rates/frequency, downtime, production losses and total overall spend on wells – and strategies & opportunities to manage failures induced by Corrosion, Scale, Paraffin, Iron Sulfide and H2S.

With companies forced to be a lot more disciplined on how they manage their cash, looking at their financial performance and not just how much oil they are producing, maximizing profitability and return to production cost (RTP) will be at the heart of all discussions.

The 2020 conference looks at a number of central themes, while expanding the envelope to include discussions in emerging areas for innovation and digitalization.

Oilfield Water USA > Invest & Manage 2020

Houston Texas

Oilfield Water USA > Invest & Manage 2020

Markets have evolved and company structures have changed dramatically in recent months. Public companies have been splitting off and starting midstream companies; Wall Street has been pushing E&Ps to reduce debt and risk attached to non-productive assets - resulting in the recent wave of water midstream deals. Between January and August this year, there have been more than $2.5 billion of water-related mergers, acquisitions, private equity investments and other deals in the oilfield.

Recognizing the changing pace and priorities of the oilfield water marketplace, at Oilfield Water USA > Invest & Manage 2020 big picture strategy development and technical water management converges, as the industry reaches a point where technical engineers have to become business persons, looking at both tactical as well as technical activities in the field.

Join us in Houston to interact with the fully evolved oilfield water value chain including E&Ps, Water Midstream Companies, Technology Providers, Private Equity Firms, Investment Analysts and Regulatory Bodies.

Oilfield Digital Transformation 2020

Houston Texas

Leverage The Power Of Digitalization: Oilfield Digital Transformation 2020

Besides a handful of companies, most operators mistake digitalization and digital transformation with automation. What’s been happening is that operators are spending millions of dollars on automation, believing that it puts them in the ‘digital’ space. But automation is just an enabler, and there is more to digitalization and digital transformation than just buying a kit and putting it on a well site.

With both operators and vendors interested in how digitalization and digital transformation is going to shape the inductry, Oilfield Digital Transformation 2020 cuts through the noise around these buzzwords, and delivers unbiased case studies and discussions on how to develop business models and take advantage of new opportunities to manage the lifetime of the well while having better cost control.